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My first introduction to makeup was working at a cosmetics counter at a retail store over 10 years ago. Being an artist in my younger years, a new medium to work with was exciting. I was intrigued by all of the possibilities of creating beautiful work with cosmetics. I had the opportunity to train with Luxury beauty brands such as Lancôme, NARS, and Tom Ford. Over the years I developed a range of skills that have perfected my craftsmanship and expanded my creativity. I grew to love beauty so much that I began to photograph the makeup looks I created. Taking on portrait photography made me more aware of details in the face that are often overlooked and has been an advantage to perfecting my makeup applications. Photography quickly became a second love and I started experimenting with family portraits, couples, and senior photos. I truly enjoy the process of creating looks that make my clients feel gorgeous and photographing moments to admire and cherish for a lifetime.

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